Is 3D GIF PFPs —Animalverse Club NFTs evolution digital collectibles is a collectible NFT project centered around community with smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721 as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) and memberships verified Blue check mark ☑️ and special feature only 10k NFT holder on Web3.0 Animalverse social Applications is the new web3.0 social media platform. No algorithms so that everyone has equal rights to consume information without borders and can be traced.

Goals make better social media with blockchain tecnology for the world from old social to super web3.0 social applications

We are committed to developing a stronger Super web3 application platform and ecosystem to support Application on the platform and to reach people around the world more easily

Real life utility of NFTs

Upon owning our Animalverse NFTs, you can start utilizing our utilities in real life! Animalverse NFT holders can start earning through our referral links from Animalverse ecosystem and benefit discount and event with Animalverse partners such as Jakavere, The space hotel, The space resort, Sobta Insurelance, and more coming

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