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AVC Token

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This Animalverse Club (AVC) token is an important part of the Animalverse ecosystem and is an important step for a startup like us to showcase our potential to the world.


Prepare for the ultimate Animalverse Club (AVC) upgrade! We’re sending What people crave for is neutrality and independence in social media. through our ecosystem fave towards a more sustainable future. Stake AVC today to start earning eco-friendly rewards.



Animalverse Club (AVC) token is part of the Ethereum family not meme coins, token but this one of the important bloodlines ecosystem and adds more utility and value for holders by introducing feature on Web3 socialfi, game, DAO and staking on Ethereum for passive rewards. The in Animalverse Club (AVC) stands for ‘ERC-20’.

Animalverse Club (AVC) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which has smart contract capabilities. The Animalverse Club (AVC) staking contract will issue rewards to each staker over the next two years or more faster, according to their percentage of the staking pool.

The Animalverse Club (AVC) token is greener and more versatile than the other token or meme token because it runs on Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake network, which is easily accessible and does not require a Proof-of-Work mining setup. As an ERC-20 token it is also easy to store in any popular self-custody wallet. Also still have strong ecosystem and many feature ready to use on

Animalverse Club (AVC) token has a fixed total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens and still in presale. with limid supply, we prevent constant inflation and create scarcity, causing positive price pressure.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our friendly moderators in our Animalverse Club community group on


Utilising smart contracts powered by Ethereum, Animalverse Club (AVC) token is much more than token and brings passive earning potential to the community with strong ecosystem. Harness the power of your Animalverse Club (AVC) tokens by staking and earning rewards, making your tokens work for you.


There’s no need to worry about complicated wallets and custody of your tokens. Animalverse Club (AVC) is built on Ethereum, meaning you automatically gain more flexibility with your ERC-20 tokens. Use what you already have.


Animalverse Club (AVC) Token is a beloved token but The value will continue to increase. future worth because it has supply is limited only 10 billions token. that will always emit more tokens into the market. Animalverse Club (AVC) fixes this with a fixed supply and more strong ecosystem for the real world, allowing for unhindered upwards pressure on the token price.

Enhancing global security

With millions in transactions since 2017, we’ll help you generate revenue on our platform ⁠— from direct sales to secondary sales

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It is commonly adopted, applies to secure message transmission either directly without any key distribution in advance

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Consider using anti-spoofing technology in conjunction with live detection to block unauthorized users.

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We don’t just have beliefs. But we faith in the results of our every actions.

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This timeline details Animalverse Club (AVC) Token funding and development goals. Connect our AI to your exchange account and invest crypto automatically.

ICO Presale and Marketing

Animalverse Club (AVC) Token starts on a level playing field with a fair presale. The team will allocate a portion of funds raised towards a professional marketing strategy.

along with an ecosystem that prepares for the use of Tokens on the Web3 platform SocialFi With many features that are necessary in real life using Token to work

Start Mission to drop

One of our ecosystems is SocialFi, who created an engagement platform to generate income for our ecosystem through rewarding AVC Tokens.

Early Staking Incentive

Presale buyers of AVC Token will be able to stake their tokens into the smart contract before listing day to benefit from the high early rewards opportunity

Presale Token Claiming

The AVC Token staking smart contract is programmed to distribute tokens to all stakers in the pool over a period of two years, providing sustained passive rewards.

DEX Launch on Uniswap

Animalverse Club (AVC) Token will launch on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange. This will provide the best trading environment and early liquidity.

Allocated Liquidity Provision

The Animalverse Club team will add a substantial liquidity pool to Uniswap. For this purpose, 10% of the total token supply has been set aside.

The Animalverse Club (AVC) Token staking smart contract is programmed to distribute tokens to all stakers in the pool over a period of 5 years, providing sustained passive rewards.


Token information

Animalverse Club (AVC) tokenomics include smart staking rewards, meaning you can earn right away.

  • 20% of supply sold in presale
  • 20% allocated to marketing
  • 30% for the project treasury
  • 20% used for staking rewards
  • 10% for exchange liquidity


Animalverse Club (AVC) Token Address: 0xF5a893Cc9b09c46FDAeCE4301Abc88C5c9C926C2

AVC Token

Millions of Users on and Usecase on Ecosystem Around the World

We are happy to have you as an important part of pushing this forward and making income together.

AVC Token

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